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Experience Chiang Mai in Relaxing Accommodations

If you’re looking for the best vacation accommodations in Chiang Mai, look no further. Take a break from exploring the old city of Chiang Mai in our relaxing vacation lodge.

A Unique Old City Experience

We built the 3Sis Vacation Lodge in 2007 next to the original bed-and-breakfast and now boasts its own unique style and upgrades. 3Sis has been providing an authentic old city experience for over a decade for locals and international travelers alike.

Our lodge is located within the heart of the old city walls of Chiang Mai. This vacation hotel is the perfect location to witness the daily routine of the locals and reminisce of ancient times when warm breezes caress your cheek.


Accommodations at The 3Sis Vacation Lodge operate like a bed-and-breakfast and feature 24 individually decorated rooms. Each room is uniquely decorated in contemporary Lanna style based in contemporary northern Thailand style. Guests are in for a delight as they explore the interior of their rooms that mimic the old city featuring exquisite ceramics, patterns, and Lanna decor.

The elegant design of the room accommodations spills over into the on-site cafe and the restaurant that serves authentic Thai and Western cuisines. The cafe prides itself on being known for serving the best Pad Thai in Thailand.

Cafe and Restaurant

The 3sis cafe and restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine and traditional Western favorites that are sure to delight both local and international diners. To top of the old city experience, 3sis is located within a short walk from the main temples for guests to enjoy all the best that Chiang Mai offers.

Experience Chiang Mai

If you’re looking for relaxing accommodations to enjoy while you experience the old city our authentic accommodations located within the heart of the old city are hard to beat. Contact one of our specialists today to book your accommodations at the 3 Sis Vacation Lodge in Chiang Mai today!